Buying jeans appears to be one of the biggest challenges you face when shopping for clothes. Finding your perfect fitting jeans from the selection available can be like looking for a needle in a haystack! But, armed with some top tips and expert advice, you can find your perfect pair (new or preloved).

Join us for Denim Day on Thursday 21st September from 11am – 6pm at my Boutique in Harpenden for all you need to know about jeans. I’ll be joined by denim expert and stylist, Sam from

Sam will help you with your denim challenges and will be giving a talk full of jeans shopping tips at 12:00 (midday). Come along to hear her share her expertise on:

  1. Why your jeans are NOT fitting you well – the signs!
  2. What to look for when shopping for jeans & trousers in-store and online.
  3. How to shop your own wardrobe – using jeans as building blocks to connect the pieces you already own.

If you struggle to find jeans that fit you perfectly, don’t miss Denim Day with Sam from 

Shop with expert advice, attend a denim presentation, book a personal jeans consultation and sell your Preloved jeans!

Contact Lou to book your FREE space. 

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