Terms & Conditions

Preloved Boutique: Terms and Conditions for Sellers

  • I accept women’s clothes and accessories that are either unworn or very gently worn and no more than 3 years old (with the exception of handbags). This includes items from high-end high-street retailers to boutique brands and designer labels that are:
    – in excellent condition (as good as new/nearly new with no obvious wear & tear)
    – relevant to the current season (e.g. no winter coats in summer)
    – still wearable today (current and on-trend; no more than 3 year sold)
  • I do not accept swimwear, nightwear, underwear, jewellery or counterfeit items
  • All garments need be freshly dry-cleaned or laundered, pressed and ready-to-wear. Items that are creased, crumpled, with missing buttons, broken zips, damaged linings etc. are not acceptable. Any such items will be removed from sale and donated to charity.
  • I do not buy items from you. I operate like a traditional dress agency & sell your items on your behalf. You are the owner of the goods and I act as an agent selling the goods on your behalf. Once sold, ownership of the items transfers to the buyer (third party).
  • Your items will be available for sale over an 8-week period in Lou Murphy Styles boutique for in-person shopping and selected items will be promoted on social media/in email newsletters.
  • You will be entitled to 50% of the selling price, which is set & amended by me. Payment will be made by Bank Transfer or cash at the end of the 8-week period or earlier if all items have sold. The owner is responsible for providing the correct bank details for payment.
  • Unsold items must be collected by your collection date. Any unsold items not collected by this date will be sent to charity. No reminders will be sent out. Unfortunately, I don’t have space to keep your clothes once they are removed from sale. Please urgently contact me if you are unable to collect by your collection date.
  • If posting items to me to sell, the owner is responsible for the cost of postage and ensuring the safe arrival of the items. If you wish to have your items returned to you by post, the cost of postage (at the current rate) will be payable by the owner prior to posting.
  • Although reasonable care will be taken, any item deposited for sale is at the owner’s risk. I do not accept responsibility for accidental damage or theft.
  • Please don’t be disappointed or offended if I don’t accept some or all of your items. I will confirm the suitability of each item ensuring it is best suited for my clientele. What you wish to sell might simply not meet these criteria.