What to wear travelling?

Recently in my VIP Facebook group, I asked my VIPs what they wear to travel in.  While your choice of travel outfit may depend on your destination, mode of transport and the weather, it would appear that comfort and style are key in deciding what to wear travelling.

Here are some of the tips and outfit ideas shared by members of the group:

“It has to be comfy, lots of layering options and always trainers, plus a sun hat if going somewhere sunny”, Angel

“Complete comfort i.e. elasticated waist … maybe a cardy or knit to wear on the plane if going abroad”, Jo. 

“Comfort but stylish is key for me”, Jacky

“I tend to think of comfort and warmth for the journey, with the option of onion layers just in case it’s hot or cold both on or off the plane/transport.  I also prefer wearing loose viscose type trousers with an elasticated waist … and I always have a silky type scarf at hand in case of a draft!”, Fiona

And Sally offered this great tip to travel and be beach-ready: “If travelling to a hot climate in the day, I wear wide-leg jeans so I don’t get seam marks on my legs & can hit the beach immediately!”

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Read my 8 Top Tips below before you set off on your next travel adventure.

To help you plan your travel outfit, here are my 8 Top Tips and travel outfit ideas:

  1. Comfort is Key: Choose clothing that is comfortable, especially if you have a long journey ahead. Think elasticated or drawstring waists, stretchy, soft or floaty fabrics.
  1. Be an Onion: Opt for a layered approach so you can peel garments off as you warm up or add a layer or 2 when the temperatures fall.  This is particularly useful for air travel, where cabin temperatures can fluctuate and for being ready for whatever the weather throws at you as you get on and off the plane.  It’s a good idea to have a light jacket, cardigan or jumper to hand.
  1. Matching Sets vs All-in-Ones: Getting the balance of comfort and looking smart/stylish can be achieved by wearing a matching set, just like the jump-set or dress-set from weartwo.   Not only are these sets comfortable (soft fabrics and elasticated waists) and practical (easy to get in and out of when using the tiny (and not always cleanest) in-flight WCs) but you will look very put-together.  Add a blazer or jacket and you’ve got a super chic look.
  1. Go Flat:  You really get your steps in at an airport so whatever you choose, make sure you pick some comfortable footwear.  I usually travel in a pair of white trainers (it saves a bit more space in my suitvase too) but I’ll also choose a comfy slip-on flat sandal. 
  1. Pack a Scarf: Pop a scarf in your hand luggage – this highly versatile garment can be worn on the flight when the air conditioning kicks in, but you’ll also find useful at your final destination to keep you warm, to protect against from the sun, to cover up in line with cultural traditions, or to complete an outfit.
  1. Choose Dark over Light: Opt for darker colours as they are more forgiving when it comes to in-flight spillages or crumbs collected in your creases!  
  1. Be Beach Ready: A hat and sunglasses are useful additions to your travel outfit.  As well as picking garments that won’t leave crease lines on your legs if you’re going straight to the pool/beach. Keep your suncream handy and you’ll be ready to go!
  1. Carry an Extra Set: Pack an extra set of underwear and socks in your carry-on bag in case of unexpected delays or lost luggage.  Socks can also be worn on a flight to keep your toes warm, and are particularly useful on long-haul flights when you may like to remove your shoes.

Ultimately, what you wear comes down to your desired level of comfort, practicality and style that is appropriate for your destination and mode of travel – whatever you wear, I hope you have a great trip!

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